Vern Roux

Owner/Operator, Shop Foreman 20 yrs LR experience (also BMW, Honda/Acura)


Has been with TRS since 2011. He brings a vast knowledge of the automotive industry and over 20+ years of parts and sales experience


Has been with TRS since 2008 and is a Master Technician. He is our discovery/ defender specialist. He has over 25 yrs of European vehicle experience.



Has been with TRS since July 2019. License professional mechanic for over two years and avid Off-road Enthusiast.

                          Jason Lord

Co-Owner. Jason is a passionate Land Rover owner and enthusiast. Follow his current 109 project here or on facebook!


With 8 years of dealership experience, Carl is a valuable asset to our growing team!


Is our Red Seal Licensed Technician and off road enthusiast.  He has great attention to detail and loves to tackle some of our most difficult projects.



Has been with TRS Auto since July 2019. Zeb is a licensed professional mechanic for over two years.  He spends his weekends off roading his Subaru.


TRS Mascot. Disco loves greeting customers and going off roading with the boys! WOOF