At TRS Automotive, we service all your Land Rover, Jaguar and European import 4X4 vehicle needs including:


  • Timely, guaranteed repairs for all models - from brake replacements to engine overhauls

  • Affordable maintenance packages

  • Check Engine and other diagnostic warning light scans using the latest software from Autologic

  • Autologic diagnostic fault code scans to ensure your repair is done right the first time

  • Tire and wheel packages including winter or summer tires, after-market rims, installation and balancing

  • Aftermarket accessory installation, suspension modifications and performance upgrades

  • All work is fully backed by a 1 year 20,000 km parts warranty. Select parts come with our premium 2 year warranty

With over 30 years of Land Rover and European 4X4 experience, our techs have the knowledge and skills to tackle any issue!


We offer service and maintenance packages for your SUV that will not impact your warranty

 24,000 km Oil Change?

Land Rovers, Jaguars and other European SUVs generally have extended oil life recommendations. New Land Rovers and Jaguars limit free oil services to 1 per year or when the service indicator tells you this averages around 22-24 thousand km. With our harsh climate and stop and go driving, the long-term life of modern engines can be extended if more frequent servicing is performed. We recommend a severe climate schedule of every 6 months or 6000 km. This schedule provides an oil and filter service  tire pressure adjustment and a comprehensive inspection  which can save you money over the life of your vehicle. It could also protect you from the inconvenience of a breakdown and costly repairs.

                         Resale Value?

Regular oil changes, tune-ups, and servicing will help to enhance the resale value of your Rover or Jaguar. 
When it’s time to resell, a potential buyer will enquire about your maintenance schedule compliance.
Providing receipts to prospective buyers can help to prove that the car was properly maintained and maximize your resale valueOur customer service software, enables us to provide you with all your 
maintenance records at the click of a mouse! Contact us for more information.

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